Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

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Mon Jul 14 19:38:10 UTC 2014

On 7/14/14 10:06 AM, Rubens Kuhl wrote:
>> If Netflix were a good citizen, it would (a) let ISPs cache content; (b)
>> pay them
>> equitably for direct connections (smaller and more remote ISPs have higher
>> costs
>> per customer and should get MORE per account than Comcast, rather than
>> receiving
>> nothing); and (c) work with ISPs to develop updated technology that makes
>> streaming
>> more efficient. Bandwidth is expensive, and unicast streaming without
>> caching is by
>> far the most inefficient conceivable way of delivering "fat" content to
>> the consumer.
> I noted most of the discussion seems to point to Internet bandwidth as a
> cost factor to ISPs, but I wonder what's the impact of Netflix on access
> network costs ? They might be harder to measure or directly correlate to
> streaming usage,  but for non-wired networks (which is usually the case in
> rural networks), this impact sounds more harmful to me than uplink costs.
if your customer buys 20, needs 6 and gets 4 I guess that's problem, if
the customer buys 2 and needs 4 that's a different one... It's
politically inconvenient to assign blame to third parties for the
provisioned capacity of the last mile network.
> Rubens

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