Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

Jared Mauch jared at
Mon Jul 14 13:03:39 UTC 2014

On Jul 14, 2014, at 8:58 AM, Daniel Ankers <md1clv at> wrote:

> On 14 July 2014 13:44, Dave Temkin <dave at> wrote:
>> With multiple different encodes (driven by
>> differing DRM and device types) the odds of two people watching the exact
>> same thing are relatively low. The law of large numbers rules the game.
>> -Dave
> What are the chances of performing transcoding on the device rather than
> sending multiple copies to it?
> It seems that would save bandwidth without risking any licensing issues.

In my experience the bandwidth is typically the lowest part of the cost equation.

Why transcode on 1k nodes when you can do it once and distribute it at lower cost,
including in electricity to run the host CPU.

Centralized transcoding on dedicated hardware makes sense.

- Jared

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