ESPN worldcup streaming traffic

Phil Bedard bedard.phil at
Sun Jul 13 22:15:48 UTC 2014

MSO in the US, traffic from Akamai (who delivers the ESPN traffic) was up
about 30% vs. last Sunday at the same time.  Overall it was kind of
negligible.  It wasn't as high as it was for the USA vs. Germany match
since that one was during the week and not after working hours.  I imagine
the majority of people just watched it on their TV and the Akamai stats
for today would seem to indicate the same.

I did stream the second half while sitting at Starbucks.


On 7/13/14, 5:10 PM, "Mehmet Akcin" <mehmet at> wrote:

>I can't be the only one watching world cup final on my roku espn app and
>wonder how many TBps is ESPN pushing right now. It would be interesting
>to see people who can share some network stats on their ISPs / IXPs. This
>very well be one of the biggest watched via Internet event of all the

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