ESPN worldcup streaming traffic

Hugo Slabbert hslabbert at
Sun Jul 13 21:28:08 UTC 2014

The Argentina semi-final on Thursday had us at about 300% of our regular 
daytime peaks; other preceding games were closer to about 200%.  We don't have 
any residential connections, just business, so today's (weekend) game didn't 
really register much.

In terms of other streamed events:  The men's hockey final in the Winter 
Olympics beat this pretty soundly for our stats, at about 500% of regular 
daytime peaks...but then again, we have a Canadian market after all!  The 
streaming in both cases was through CBC via Akamai, coming in over a 
combination of Akamai peering and caches.


On Sun 2014-Jul-13 14:10:27 -0700, Mehmet Akcin <mehmet at> wrote:
>I can't be the only one watching world cup final on my roku espn app and wonder how many TBps is ESPN pushing right now. It would be interesting to see people who can share some network stats on their ISPs / IXPs. This very well be one of the biggest watched via Internet event of all the times.

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