Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

Charles Gucker cgucker at
Sun Jul 13 16:25:01 UTC 2014

> If Netflix continues on its current course, ALL ISPs -- not just rural ones,
> will eventually be forced to rebel. And it will not be pretty.

I call hogwash.    ALL ISPs are in the business of providing access to
the Internet.    If you feel the need to rebel, then I suggest you
look at creative ways to increase revenue from your customers, not
threaten to cut off a portion of the Internet that "cost too much".

A point that seems to be missed in this whole discussion.    It was
your choice to provide services in a rural area, not Netflix, Akamai
or the like.    If your business model is flawed, then don't expect
somebody else to step in and fix it for you.     Bandwidth is
expensive to procure in a rural area, if you wish to change that,
maybe it's time to find some investors and build your own network into
an urban area where bandwidth, and interconnections in general, are
more reasonably priced.

Also, based on your logic within this whole thread, if I was a
customer of yours, I'd expect you to pay me to use your services as
you would be looking to get paid for my use of third party services.
 Also, I believe that what happened between Comcast and Netflix is
temporary, much like what happened between Comcast and Level(3).


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