Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

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Sun Jul 13 15:50:16 UTC 2014

Ironically, I did this with my Usenet news feed (which back then 
was the big bandwidth hog) 20 years ago. Mark Lottor set it up. I 
understand that someone has just been granted a dubious patent on 
the same technique, despite the well known prior art.

--Brett Glass

At 08:45 AM 7/13/2014, Aled Morris wrote:

>On 13 July 2014 06:39, Steven Tardy 
><<mailto:sjt5atra at>sjt5atra at> wrote:
>(OK, Keep 100mbps for Netflix to pre-populate, 100mbps is 30TB/month)
>(Now I'm curious how many GB/month Netflix pre-populates, hmmm)
>Shame Netflix can't fill their appliances using really cheap, 
>bulk, one-way satellite bandwidth which is useless for most other 
>Internet applications. Â Then their traffic wouldn't use any of 
>your real, paid for, transit.
>Of course siting a dish would be another expense with hosting one 
>of their boxes, but if it made the on-going costs go away...

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