Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Jul 13 02:42:20 UTC 2014

>>> Right now, peering agreements are the wild west.
>> no.  those days passed in the last century.  you just don't know them.
>> but then, you are not an operator so no surprise.
>> what you are seeing, and creating massive noise around, is a business
>> war between the last mile cartel and the content they envy and want
>> to supplant or at least bleed.  transit, peering, caching, etc. are
>> just business and technical tools being used in that war.  keep eye on
>> doughnut, not the hole.
> Sure looks like a wild west range war to me.  And let's not forget that 
> Netflix is not some tiny company anymore - 1/3 of Internet traffic or 
> some such, 46million members, $1billion Q1 income.  Yeah - big guys 
> fighting, no established law or regulation (well, there was, but the 
> Supreme Court overturned it) - looks like a range war to me.

ahhh.   so 

   not government regulated == wild west

got it


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