Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

Miles Fidelman mfidelman at
Sat Jul 12 22:19:56 UTC 2014

Personally, I'm not being sarcastic at all.

Right now, peering agreements are the wild west.  But.. there's 
rulemaking going on at the FCC - driven by all the talk about "network 
neutrality" and "Internet Fast Lanes" -- that is likely to have real 
impacts on all of us.  Most of what passes for "discussion" is posturing 
by various big players, interest groups, and pundits.  (To an earlier 
comment - Verizon is not a small ISP; but neither is Netflix a small 

These are real questions, that merit serious examination - not to 
mention serious input to the current FCC rulemaking from knowledgeable 

Just one man's opinion, of course.

Miles Fidelman

deleskie at wrote:
> I've only been 1/2 paying attention, did I miss the <sarcasm> tag are are people really looking for those answers.
> -jim
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> Joly MacFie wrote:
>> Now we're
>>> so far off in the weeds, I can't even
>>> see where we started from. ^_^;;
>> What I'd like to know is
>> 1) when does a terminating network become a transit network, and..
>> 2 )are there, should there, be different peering standards for each, and
>> 3) if so some kind of functional if not structural separation
>> 4) by regulation?
> Ditto. These questions really get to the nub of the current issues!
> Miles Fidelman

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