Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

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Fri Jul 11 18:39:48 UTC 2014

On 7/11/14 11:20 AM, Blake Hudson wrote:
> Verizon Policy Blog wrote:
>> There was, however, congestion at the interconnection link to the
>> edge of our network (the border router) used by the transit providers
>> chosen by Netflix to deliver video traffic to Verizon’s network.
> In what world does Netflix choose a transit provider into someone
> else's network? I'm pretty sure that Verizon chooses who it peers with
> and how it announces BGP prefixes. This means that Verizon is largely
> in control of traffic engineering at its borders. If one of those
> transit providers is congested, this is something Verizon, as a
> responsible network operator, is surely aware of and has the
> capability to resolve. This is difficult, if even possible, for a
> source network operator to work around.

CDN's choose which exit the use all the time, it's kinda the raison de etré.

If a pop has 174 3356 2914 7992 transit(s) chances are they can use any
one of them or all of them to get to foo other large transit as.
> This post is complete technical FUD.
> --Blake

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