Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

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> Either way, if one is a customer of both, one will end up paying for
> the infrastructure - it's more about gorillas fighting, which bill it
> shows up on, who ends up pocketing more of the profits, and how many
> negative side-effects result.

No.  Nope.  


Why is it that whenever we are having these conversations -- be they about
Netflix and Verizon, or restaurants and waiters -- that we always tacitly 
*approve* of the idea that the zero sum game of money includes only the
vendors and the customers?

Why the *hell* do we not assume that perhaps, just maybe, *the company 
in the middle* ought to take some of that extra cost out of their profits?

Have they succeeded in convincing us -- the paying customers -- that
corporate profit margins are sacred?  That they should *never* have to
pay some of that cost themselves?


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