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On 7/9/14 7:24 PM, William Herrin wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 8:53 PM, Scott Weeks <surfer at> wrote:
>> Just to be fast, the article said 1.5Mbps
>> Also, I completely missed that there was a page 2.  It looks like they use
>> Iridium.  Here is some pricing.  Just the first thing I found:
>> Plan          Monthly Amount    Monthly Allowance  Cost per 1000 Bytes
>> Plan SBD 0      $27.00            0 Bytes              $1.15
>> Plan SBD 12     $35.10           10,000 Bytes          $1.05
>> Plan LBS 8*     $28.78            8,000 Bytes          $1.78
> Hi Scott,
> If it's Iridium they aren't doing 1.5mbps. Iridium has Short Burst
> Data (SBD), a messaging service capable of sending and receiving a 2kB
> message a couple times a minute and they have RUDICS, a 1200bps or
> 2400bps (not kbps or mbps) synchronous serial service. They also have
> a product which gangs enough RUDICS channels together to get a 56k
> modem speed. Higher speed claims are "with compression."
Russian Satellite Communications Company operates geostationary
satellites as part of intelsat and eutelsat. Molniya insorfar as I'm
aware still exists and is a constellation of high elliptical orbit
communications satellites  with a 12 hour orbit, it's specifically
useful over the poles.

in one of the photos on the orignal live journal is an inmarsat terminal
onbaord the vessel.

the ship is the icebreaker yamal which at 23000 tons is a pretty big
platform to mount hardware on.

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