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3mbps on a ship at 5:1 tdma oversubscribed is about 16k a month on c band 

There're 43200 minutes in a month.  Just to be fast, the article said 1.5Mbps
link, so I used 1/2 of your $16K.  Divide the $8K by 43200 and I get 18 cents 
per minute.

Also, I completely missed that there was a page 2.  It looks like they use 
Iridium.  Here is some pricing.  Just the first thing I found:

Plan          Monthly Amount    Monthly Allowance  Cost per 1000 Bytes	
Plan SBD 0      $27.00	          0 Bytes              $1.15	
Plan SBD 12     $35.10           10,000 Bytes          $1.05	 
Plan LBS 8*     $28.78            8,000 Bytes          $1.78


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