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3mbps on a ship at 5:1 tdma oversubscribed is about 16k a month on c band and probably about 12k a month on ku if you find someone with good water coverage (ge23 is a good example of a killer oceanic spacecraft). The auto stabilized antenna (at least 1.8m but preferably larger up to 3.6)is going to start at 40k and end at 200 for the giant ones. Then.. You have to find a provider that doesn't suck. And there are literally 3 in the entire world that don't completely suck.

I won't get started on pricing for planes.. ;)

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In an article titled "Do they have Internet on the Icebreaker?"

I get: 403 Forbidden  nginx/1.0.15


not much there.



These prices are low if it's INMARSAT.  We pay ~$7/minute.  If
they have their own Ku-band (hopefully not as 12-18Ghz has a
lot of rain fade) that seems high.  C-band (4-8Ghz) on ships
is much better.  Not a lot of perks for being bored out at sea
for long periods of time.


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