Anyone from AS7160 (Oracle) around ? How about Inernap and Voxel ?

Mike Tancsa mike at
Wed Jul 9 01:48:29 UTC 2014

> It seems Oracle is being sent bogus routing information from their PNAP
> peer. They are learning, what seems to be a random subnet of prefixes
> (two of which I am not even announcing-- and
> that are learned from Torix. The path that 7160 sees is
> 19024 29791 8001 11670 11647

The nice people at pnap actually took my call--I have had a couple in 
the past say, "Sorry, you are not our customer. <click>"..  They found 
an issue with their routing engine injecting stale / bogus info into 
parts of their network and corrected it.


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