Next steps in extortion case - ideas?

Miles Fidelman mfidelman at
Sat Jul 5 23:15:13 UTC 2014

Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Justin M. Streiner wrote:
>>> Finally, you fail to address the one very simple way I described to
>>> determine who this scammer is: follow the money.  Make a small partial
>>> payment on this supposed "debt" and see who cashes the check. Much 
>>> easier
>>> than trying to follow "him" around on the internet, though that 
>>> would be
>>> made easier in the course of negotiating a partial payment.
>> This is much easier to do once law enforcement agencies are engaged.  
>> They can trace the money trail more throughly and effectively than 
>> you or I can, as civilians.
> Not a bad idea.
> And... forget the class action and defamation stuff.  Extortion is the 
> most serious crime, and the one most likely to get law enforcement 
> involved.  Start with law enforcement in your own local/national 
> jurisdiction - since that's where you are.  Look to them to help track 
> down where the perpetrator is, and then to law enforcement there.  
> Civil action to recover damages will be lot easier after the 
> perpetrator has been located, and perhaps convicted of criminal activity.
> Markus - perhaps a silly question, but have you contacted any law 
> enforcement authorities yet?  Extortion, of multiple people, across 
> national borders, seems like something the Federal Police might be 
> interested in pursuing.  And then, if they're posting stuff on 
> Blogspot, you might want to contact Google's legal folks.
> Miles Fidelman

Then again, this could be a job for Anonymous :-)

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