Peering Latency

Charles N Wyble charles at
Fri Jul 4 04:26:36 UTC 2014

Is it Friday already? Or is this not a troll email? Its hard to tell. 

If its not a troll: Put up some smokeping boxes. Graph it for a few nights. Gather details. Send us those. That is far more interesting/(damning?)

If its a troll: *grabs popcorn and gets comfortable* . we've not had a good "zomg the pipes, they are teh fullz, woe is Netflix" (and the obligatory cgn/v6/software vs hardware router sub thread divergences). 

Very nicely struck balance sir! 

On July 2, 2014 11:19:07 PM CDT, Sam Norris <Sam at> wrote:
>Hey all - new to the list but not to the community...
>Wondering if this is typical when there is too small of a pipe between
>From Level3 to Time Warner
>     ADDRESS                                    STATUS
>   2 4ms 4ms 4ms 
>   3 9ms 4ms 4ms 
>   4 8ms 4ms 4ms  (L3)
>   5 28ms 53ms 29ms   (TWC)   <------
>   6 30ms 28ms 28ms 
>   7 27ms 28ms 28ms 
>   8 32ms 32ms 32ms 
>   9 27ms 26ms 25ms 
>  10 28ms 29ms 31ms 
>From TWC to Level3
> # ADDRESS                                 RT1   RT2   RT3   STATUS
>2                            5ms   5ms   6ms 
> 3                             8ms   8ms   8ms
> 4                              6ms   8ms   8ms
> 5                            7ms   8ms   8ms
> 6                              8ms   8ms   8ms
> 7                            5ms   5ms   5ms
>8                            34ms  33ms  31ms  (TWC)   
> 9                             31ms  30ms  29ms  (L3)
>10                            33ms  33ms  34ms  
>11                            32ms  32ms  31ms
>I am showing, typically at night, a 20-40ms jump when hopping from
>Level3 to
>Time Warner and back in Tustin, CA.  This does not happen when using
>Cogent or
>other blended providers bandwidth.   I believe they are probably
>stuffing too
>many bits thru the peering there and wondering whats the best way to
>prove to
>them both (we pay for both) that they need to fix it.
>During non-peak traffic times these look normal (sub 10s).

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