Peering Latency

Sam Norris Sam at
Thu Jul 3 04:19:07 UTC 2014

Hey all - new to the list but not to the community...

Wondering if this is typical when there is too small of a pipe between peering

>From Level3 to Time Warner

     ADDRESS                                    STATUS
   2 4ms 4ms 4ms 
   3 9ms 4ms 4ms 
   4 8ms 4ms 4ms  (L3)
   5 28ms 53ms 29ms   (TWC)   <------
   6 30ms 28ms 28ms 
   7 27ms 28ms 28ms 
   8 32ms 32ms 32ms 
   9 27ms 26ms 25ms 
  10 28ms 29ms 31ms 

>From TWC to Level3

 # ADDRESS                                 RT1   RT2   RT3   STATUS

2                            5ms   5ms   6ms 
 3                             8ms   8ms   8ms

 4                              6ms   8ms   8ms

 5                            7ms   8ms   8ms

 6                              8ms   8ms   8ms

 7                            5ms   5ms   5ms

 8                            34ms  33ms  31ms  (TWC)    <------

 9                             31ms  30ms  29ms  (L3)
10                            33ms  33ms  34ms  
11                            32ms  32ms  31ms

I am showing, typically at night, a 20-40ms jump when hopping from Level3 to
Time Warner and back in Tustin, CA.  This does not happen when using Cogent or
other blended providers bandwidth.   I believe they are probably stuffing too
many bits thru the peering there and wondering whats the best way to prove to
them both (we pay for both) that they need to fix it.

During non-peak traffic times these look normal (sub 10s).


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