Feedback Requested: Routing Resilience Manifesto

Jared Mauch jared at
Wed Jul 2 18:00:31 UTC 2014

On Jul 2, 2014, at 1:52 PM, William Herrin <bill at> wrote:

> People will notice you streaking across a football field. They won't
> pay the slightest attention to what you have to say but they sure will
> notice you. Shall we organize a naked routing run?

No, but how else do you suggest we work to address these problems?  There are
side-effects of every tradeoff, including today NTP is unusable on some networks
due to lack of BCP-38.  Is the internet to be eventually defined as a few
select ports and protocol numbers?

While a naked run isn't my first choice, I am interested in practical solutions
and responses.  I've privately and publicly documented some of my challenges
securing my networks with BCP-38.  While perhaps not obviously related there
is also the issue of BGP filtering and other things that create a nexus of
interrelated items.

How can we build a culture of cooperation around these topics to raise the bar?

It isn't the most chronic or sexy thing to address, but the bar still needs
to be raised before it becomes the latest in a list of things we all knew about
and took no action on.

- Jared

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