Erroneous Leap Second Introduced at 2014-06-30 23:59:59 UTC

Majdi S. Abbas msa at
Tue Jul 1 19:35:42 UTC 2014

On Tue, Jul 01, 2014 at 12:20:12PM -0700, Tim Heckman wrote:
> Our systems all have loopstats and peerstats logging enabled. I have
> those log files available if interested. However, when I searched over
> the files I wasn't able to find anything that seemed to indicate this
> was the peer who told the system to introduce a leap second. That
> said, I might just not know what to look for in the logs.

	Look at the status word in peerstats; if the high bit is 
set, that's your huckleberry.


> Correct, I was hoping to determine which peer it was so I can reach
> out to them to make sure this doesn't bleed in to the pool at the end
> of the year. I was also more-or-less curious how wide-spread of an
> issue this was, but I'm starting to think I may have been the only
> person to catch it in the act. :)

	You might want to upgrade to current 4.2.7 development code,
wherein a majority rule is used to qualify the leap indicator.



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