Updated ARIN allocation information

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Jan 30 15:34:56 UTC 2014

As the author of the policy which set this block aside, I speak only from my perspective as the author and not officially on behalf of ARIN or the AC in any way:

The intent is to provide very small allocations/assignments for organizations which need some amount of IPv4 for a best-effort to facilitate networking after IPv4 general runout.

While I recognize that organizations may or may not be able to get these routes accepted, the reality is that IPv4 runout is going to create interesting routing scenarios and other problems. I figured having a predictable prefix where people could at least make a best effort was better than simply allowing chaos through the entire address space.

Indeed, much popcorn will be required. That is why my networks are all IPv6 capable already.


> On Jan 29, 2014, at 10:22 PM, Christopher Morrow <morrowc.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 5:16 PM, Seth Mattinen <sethm at rollernet.us> wrote:
>>> On 1/29/14, 14:01, Leslie Nobile wrote:
>>> Additionally, ARIN has placed in its reserves in accordance
>>> with the policy "Dedicated IPv4 block to facilitate IPv6 Deployment" (NRPM
>>> 4.10).  There have been no allocations made from this block as of yet,
>>> however, once we do begin issuing from this block, the minimum allocation
>>> size for this /10 will be a /28 and the maximum allocation size will be a
>>> /24.  You may wish to adjust any filters you have in place accordingly.
>> I know ARIN doesn't care about routability and all that, but good luck with
>> those /28s.
> maybe these weren't meant to be used outside the local ASN? :)
> I do wonder though what the purpose of this block is? If it's to be
> used inside the local ASN (as seems to be indicated based upon minimum
> allocation sizes) then why not use the IETF marked 100.64/10 space
> instead? Global-uniqueness? ok, sure...
> There will need to be popcorn though, for this event.
> -chris

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