BGP multihoming

Michael Braun (michbrau) michbrau at
Wed Jan 29 20:45:36 UTC 2014

Interesting question, and to add to that, I have another one.  With the
rapid depletion of IPv4 address space from ARIN, are there private
end-user companies that are leasing off unused portions of their assigned
address blocks to other private and unrelated end user companies?  Does
that cause any problems where address space is being advertised from a
non-assigned AS?



On 1/29/14 12:32 PM, "Baldur Norddahl" <baldur.norddahl at> wrote:

>Apologies for a RIPE question on NANOG, although I believe this issue will
>soon enough to be relevant for the ARIN region as well.
>I had a customer ask if we could provide him with BGP such that he could
>multihomed. He already has 128 IP addresses from another ISP. Obviously a
>/25 is a non go for multihoming as everyone are going to ignore his route.
>I would then need to help him with acquiring a /24 PI. Which appears to be
>impossible as RIPE does no longer assign PI space and PI can not be
>reassigned and thus be bought.
>Is assigning a /24 from my own PA space for the purpose of BGP multihoming
>considered sufficient "need"?
>Could he get some PI from another region, such as ARIN? How does others
>handle this situation?

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