Andrei Robachevsky robachevsky at isoc.org
Wed Jan 29 10:16:41 UTC 2014


Jared Mauch wrote on 1/28/14 9:03 PM:
> I'd rather share some data and how others can observe this to determine how we can approach a fix.  Someone spoofing your IP address out some other carrier is something you may be interested to know about, even if you have a non-spoofing network.

At the Internet Society we are flashing out an idea of an anti-spoofing
"movement", where ISPs can list themselves as not spoofing-capable on
our website. The requirement is that they can demonstrate that they
block spoofed packets, for instance by successfully running the Spoofer
test. I think your, Jared, test can add to this picture.

Sort of a positive spin on the name and shame technique.

It is not ideal, as one test is not a real proof of such capability, but
might help raising awareness, at least. Does this sound as something
that can be useful and fly?


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