Terremark Miami

Warren Bailey wbailey at satelliteintelligencegroup.com
Tue Jan 28 03:55:08 UTC 2014

We¹re looking at potential connectivity need of 100mbps from a customer
colocated in NAP of America¹s in Miami to some stuff living in AWS land.
We weren¹t particularly thrilled about the aspect of a GRE tunnel over the
internet (our AWS stuff does some data manipulation) and wanted to use the
Amazon Direct Connect functionality. It seems like they do this direct
connect as select peering points, and there were no options for anything
in Miami. It may just be easier to buy something off of the provider to
run the traffic over to a colo with AWS connectivity. I¹m really just
looking for sexy ways to avoid the internet as a transit route for this
data (the data doesn¹t have anything to do with the internet).

On 1/27/14, 3:43 PM, "Faisal Imtiaz" <faisal at snappytelecom.net> wrote:

>What kind of issue are you running into ?
>I believe AWS is present on the NOTA/NAP peering fabric, and as such if
>one was to get access to the NOTA/NAP peering fabric they should be able
>to peer / pass traffic directly to them.
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>> Subject: Terremark Miami
>> Anyone out there listening have experience getting traffic originating
>>at NAP
>> of Americas in Miami to AWS in a non-suck (internet) manner? I know AWS
>> direct connect, but they are mum about options in MIA.
>> Thanks in advance!
>> //warren

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