Opensource tools for inventory and troubleticketing

Jason Antman jason at
Mon Jan 27 12:38:31 UTC 2014

+1 for Redmine. I've used most of the open source ticketing systems out 
there at one time or another, and greatly prefer Redmine over all of 
them. I've always been a big proponent of open source and only using 
proprietary software if you absolutely have to (to the point of 
deploying Linux for internal small-scale firewalling and routing (i.e. 
VM clusters, test environments) before I'll concede that hardware is 
required), but I'll admit that Atlassian Jira is probably the best 
ticketing product out there right now. But it's proprietary and costs 
money. Other than that, Redmine is the way to go.


On 01/25/2014 09:41 AM, Vireak Ouk wrote:
> We decided against RT and use Redmine for tickets instead. We find Redmine
> to be much more user-friendly.
>   On Jan 25, 2014 8:14 AM, "Franck Martin" <fmartin at> wrote:
>> On Jan 24, 2014, at 1:37 AM, Octavio Alfageme <palaemon at>
>> wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> I work for a small service provider starting to offer MPLS services
>> between
>>> Europe and several african countries. At present time we own a small
>> Cisco
>>> network, but we are starting to need a better inventory of services and
>> network
>>> resources and better troubleticketing procedures. We can not afford
>> acquiring
>>> complicated and expensive tools at present time.I would be grateful if
>> you could
>>> recommend me opensource tools to cover these needs.
>> try or


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