Will a single /27 get fully routed these days?

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Sun Jan 26 19:45:26 UTC 2014

>I wonder what will change (if anything) when ARIN runs out of IPv4 space.

In routing, probably not much.  The market in used IPv4 space will
come out from the shadows, and we'll see endless arguments between
buyers of IPv4 space and ARIN, when ARIN refuses the updates to the
address registry.

I don't see any reason for the people who run defaultless routers all
over the world to change the /24 rule.  If they accept longer prefixes
it'll cost them real money as their route tables bloat, and all they
get is some marginal connectivity to people too dumb or too cheap to
find a /24 of their own.  Anyone who buys a /27 without an arrangement
for backup routing from whoever routes the surrounding /24 is a fool.

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PS: Yes, I know you don't "buy" space from ARIN.

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