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Alain Hebert ahebert at pubnix.net
Fri Jan 24 20:50:06 UTC 2014


    Well the abusers started to use burst and then switching targeted IP.

    Last time I opened a ticket with GT-T/nLayer for a ~120Mbps NTP DDoS
Amplification "attempt" toward 2 of my IP's.

        . after 2h, I called them directly to be told they lost my
original request;

        . after 4h, got told it wasn't assigned yet;

        . after 12h, they finally applied the filter as the amp attempt

    Based on that experience... why bother.

    To give you an idea, in the past 4 days and 30m queries, I'm up to
1100 blocked targets on one of my DNS Servers.

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On 01/24/14 09:36, Jared Mauch wrote:
> On Jan 24, 2014, at 9:22 AM, Alain Hebert <ahebert at pubnix.net> wrote:
>>    Is there a [Spoofing Tracking Squad] out there?
>>    ( We're on GT-T/nLayer/Tinet )
> You haven’t been able to get GTT/nLayer/TINet to track the traffic back?
> Details are welcome, either here or in private.  There are plenty of people who will chase and fix this stuff when they’re aware of it.
> - Jared

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