Google causes 40% drop in traffic?

Stefan Neufeind nanog at
Fri Jan 24 20:22:58 UTC 2014

On 01/24/2014 09:08 PM, Jay Ashworth wrote:
> Given how much traffic these days is CDN and streaming, is that number
> really supportable?

In the interview they are saying that if Google is down, lots of people
don't have DNS anymore. So that accounts for an even larger drop than
just "no Youtube". Hmm - why would people use those resolvers, besides
being lazy in configuring a proper resolver-address.

Of course if Google is down we have no Google search (well, might be a
problem in some cases), no Gmail etc. (fine with me) and no Youtube
(hmm, but we'll survive without it). Come on ...

If the average user is *so* dependent on Google, we have an even larger
problem. Maybe like IPv6-day etc. lets try a "Google outage day" once a
year as a training :-)


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