NetSol opts domain customers into $1800 Security program?

Staudinger, Malcolm mstaudinger at
Thu Jan 23 20:43:04 UTC 2014

Dotster was eaten a few years back by the hosting conglomerate Endurance International, and is only a shadow of its former self, unfortunately.

/ex Dotster employee from the glory days 

Malcolm Staudinger

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On Thu, 23 Jan 2014, Alain Hebert wrote:

>    Or a low priority on a very long ToDo list.
>    Also, moving them to:
>        . GoDaddy feel cheap for some reason.
>        . Tucows, expected;
>        . resellerclub, scary;
>        . enom, pricey;
>    Any suggestion for one with a good API will be appreciated, 
> off-list obviously.

    Years ago when NetSol cost too much and became too clunky to work with, I switched some 70+ domains over to Dotster.  Easy UI, friendly folk, won't charge $$$ to get your domain out of hock if you miss the payment deadline (just pay for a year and you're back in business).

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