NetSol opts domain customers into $1800 Security program?

Barry Shein bzs at
Wed Jan 22 19:20:00 UTC 2014

They also will change your domains to "auto renew" magically and punch
a credit card 90 days in advance of expiry so for example if a domain
expires in April expect a charge in January at the latest. Why? I
dunno, better to have the money now than later I guess.

You'll have to jump through hoops to fix this, cannot be fixed via
their online domain admin interface, someone they believe has
authority (which may not be as simple as you think if for example your
company owns the domain) has to phone and speak to a human about
getting the bit unset.

P.S. Doing that, removing auto-renew, changes you to receiving urgent
email from them once a week or so starting 90 days in advance about
how your domain is ABOUT TO EXPIRE!

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