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On 01/16/2014 03:45 PM, Scott Weeks wrote:

> Many/most CEOs would not have an understanding of what a BCP is and
> their first response likely would be to ask, "What's the business
> case?"

What I've tried to explain to people is that not being used as a botnet 
will reduce their outbound traffic. It's not much, but it's something.

Maybe it's just Hawaii, but many managers I've had would not be able
to understand the importance of that.  CEOs?  ferget it!  Plus I've 
done only eyeball networks since the early 2000s, so outbound is orders 
of magnitude lower than inbound and that also means I'm probably biased.  
I do those things trying to be a good netizen, but I don't tell the 
managers.  It's not even on their radars.  Further, I have met a lot
of enterprise-level network folks along the way that don't know and/or 
just don't care.

> Government regulation is also not the answer.  They can't all agree
> on basic crap, much less on some esoteric (in their opinion) netgeekery
> thingie...

Just have the NSA paint it as a national security issue. :)

Since they're p0wning the entire internet globally that's one way to
get it implemented, I suppose...  :)


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