Internet Routing Registries - RADb, etc

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Thu Jan 16 18:26:11 UTC 2014

On 16/01/2014 14:32, Blake Hudson wrote: 
> Thanks for the responses, these objects are all older. However, none of 
> them are stale or from previous owners, allocations, etc. Each of these 
> objects were posted to their respective IRR's after the IP space was 
> allocated to us. This leads me to believe that the individual IRR's really 
> do very little checking for accuracy and their usefulness is then 
> questionable. 

Oh yeah. I got hit by that sort of thing a week or two back. It wasn't 
origin: AS14179 / mnt-by: MAINT-AS28071, by any chance? AS14179 have been 
hijacking chunks of space from the various registries. 



Another possible scenario. 


Imagine a regional ISP is a customer of Level3. Level3 filters the regional ISP based on Regional ISP's IRR objects. Small ISP buys access from Regional. Small ISP doesn't maintain their own objects. Regional ISP wants Small's business so doesn't force the issue. Regional manually maintains the filters. Regional adds objects under Regional's maintainer whenever Small request a filter change. If they don’t, Level3 wont accept the announcement from them. Customer with a.b.c.d/24 has no idea about any of this. 

Now we are years later. Customer has either moved to another small ISP or Small ISP found a different regional ISP. 




The original Regional ISP didnt remember to delete all the objects related to Small ISP's customers. The objects just sit there until one day customer has interest in registring their own object. Customer sees entries for their /24 under Regional ISP's objects. Customer knows they have never done business with Regional. Also the objects are newer than the customer's allocation from their RIR. Customer comes to the conclusion that Regional ISP must have been hi-jacking their space or doing some other naughtiness. 

Proxy registering objects isn't a good idea. However, the number of networks with allocations from ARIN registering objects in any IRR appears to be extremely low. ARIN doesn’t charge you more to use Folks seem to not be aware of IRR or perceive it provides no benefit to them. Will RPKI adoption suffer the same fate? 

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