"trivial" changes to DNS (was: OpenNTPProject.org)

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Thu Jan 16 18:13:06 UTC 2014

On (2014-01-16 09:19 -0800), Cb B wrote:

> I hope QUIC does not stay on UDP, as it may find itself cut off at the
> legs.

Any new L4 would need to support both flavours, over UDP and native. Over UDP
is needed to be deployable right now and be working to vast majority of the
end users.
Native-only would present chicken and egg problem, goog/fb/amzn/msft etc won't
add support to it, because failure rate is too high, and stateful box vendors
won't add support, because no customer demand.

And what becomes to deployment pace, good technologies which give benefits to
end users can and have been deployed very fast.
IPv6 does not give benefit to end users, EDNS does not give benefit to end

QUIC/MinimaLT/IETF-transport-standardized-version would give benefit to end
users, all persistent connections like ssh would keep running when you jump
between networks.
You could in your homeserver specifically allow /you/ to connect to any
service, regardless of your IP address, because key is your identity, not your
IP address. (So sort of LISPy thing going on here, we'd make IP more low-level
information which it should be, it wouldn't be identity anymore)
Parity packets have potential to give much better performance in packet loss
conditions. Packet pacing seems much better on fast to slow file transfers.


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