"trivial" changes to DNS (was: OpenNTPProject.org)

Jared Mauch jared at puck.Nether.net
Thu Jan 16 17:55:18 UTC 2014

On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 11:39:46AM -0500, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 11:32:05AM -0500, Christopher Morrow wrote:
> > pretty easy to believe that quic would be helpful right? 
> Yes.  It's also pretty easy to believe that ditching DNS completely in
> favour of something without 8 billion warts would be helpful.  
> > seems totally feasible.
> Certainly, it would be possible to standardize it.  Whether it would
> be "trivial" to get it deployed is quite a different matter.  The
> evidence to date is that there is a very, very long tail in any change
> having to do with the DNS.  We are still, to this day, fighting with
> sysadmins who are convinced that firewall rules on TCP/53 are
> perfectly reasonable, even though DNS _always_ used TCP. 

	I can point anyone interested to the place in the
bind source to force it to reply to all UDP queries with TC=1
to force TCP.  should be safe on any authority servers, as a recursive
server should be able to do outbound TCP.

	- Jared

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