best practice for advertising peering fabric routes

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> I am approaching it from a different perspective, 'where is PMTU-D broken for people who want to use 1500-9K frames end to end?' 

I understand that perspective, absolutely.

But what I'm saying is that that whether or not they want to use jumbo frames for Internet traffic, it doesn't matter, because PMTU-D is likely to be broken either at the place where the traffic is initiated, the place where the traffic is received, or both - so any nonsense in the middle, especially on IXP networks in particular, isn't really a significant issue in and of itself.

If we could get things optimized and remediated to the point where potential PMTU-D breakage in IXP networks were a significant issue of iteself, the Internet would be much improved.  But I don't see any likelihood of that happening anytime soon.

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