Experiences with Spamhaus BGP DROP, EDROP and BGPCC BGP feeds

ISP Services nanog at isp-services.nl
Thu Jan 9 09:25:31 UTC 2014


I am wondering if anyone here has experiences with the Spamhaus DROP, 
EDROP and BGPCC BGP feeds, for null routing hijacked prefixes, and 
prefixes which contain (only) mallicious users.


We currently already use a Team Cymru feed for null routing bogons. 
Would you reckon that the Spamhaus lists offer many valid additions to 
the Team Cymru feeds? Did you have any disputes about prefixes that are 
announced as malicious use by Spamhaus with customers or other ISP's?

Any responses, on or off list are appreciated.


Dennis Hagens
Network Engineer
AS 24875

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