10gbps peering subscriber switch recommendation

joel jaeggli joelja at bogus.com
Wed Jan 8 20:33:55 UTC 2014

On 1/8/14, 11:45 AM, excelsio at gmx.com wrote:
> That´s actually a topic, I was thinking ago some time ago. Why not take
> a current TOR switch with 1. BGP support and 2. high buffer. Like
> mentioned above we have Trident 2 bases switches. HP (no recommendation)
> has its HP 5930 series but tells "Routing table size 16000 entries
> (IPv4), 8000 entries (IPv6)", but this one has 4GB RAM, so plenty of
> space for full tables. I haven´t tried it out myself, perhaps someone
> tried on any other device: What will happen, if I give the switch a full
> table? Is there a software limit by the vendor, which will simply cut
> everything above? Or would it simply work?

There are various reasons why one might take a full table on a switch
with not not enough FIB, the important part of course being the part
where you don't install them all.

I have taken a full bgp feed on an broadcom based Arista.

with respect to what happens if you don't filter them.

Either you get continuous fib churn and you only get to forward to the
routes you currently have installed at that time (this is if you're
lucky) or it explodes and you get to keep the pieces.

> Michael

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