Vyatta to VyOS

Vlade Ristevski vristevs at ramapo.edu
Tue Jan 7 14:24:59 UTC 2014

This project looks interesting. Our 7206 VXR is at ends final days and 
replacing it with and ASR series is very expensive considering we're 
only pushing 600megs of Internet traffic with a full BGP table.

When I go to the page linked below, I didn't see a mailing list, forum 
or very much documentation for it. Is there another site with this info? 
I'd love to test a few builds out but I never used Vyatta before.

On 12/23/2013 10:18 AM, Ray Soucy wrote:
> Many here might be interested,
> In response to Brocade not giving the community edition of Vyatta much
> attention recently, some of the more active community members have created
> a fork of the GPL code used in Vyatta.
> It's called VyOS, and yesterday they released 1.0.
> http://vyos.net/
> I've been playing with the development builds and it seems to be every bit
> as stable as the Vyatta releases.
> Will be interesting to see how the project unfolds :-)

Vlade Ristevski
Network Manager
IT Services
Ramapo College

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