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Arnd Vehling av at
Sun Jan 5 09:15:48 UTC 2014


On 04.01.2014 21:07, Daniël W. Crompton wrote:
> To my surprise I am seeing a theme fatalistic acceptance in this thread,

thats not really suprising. Then most poeple dont understand the 
implications "this" has.

> A number have mentioned that if you are targeted there is little you can
> do, and this is something that I agree with to a certain extent.

Here i agree too. But i think it should be in possible to overload them 
by mass-creating fake data and honey pots. They dont have endless 
resources especially when it comes to decrypting. So, if just 10% of the 
"aware persons" start firing up "NSA honeypots" they get a resource 
problem and will fail at selecting targets.

// Arnd

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