anybody seeing mail problems sending to (and a yahoo email contact?)

Miles Fidelman mfidelman at
Sat Jan 4 15:05:15 UTC 2014

Hi Folks,

I run a few small email lists that have some yahoo users on them - and I 
just started getting complaints about receiving multiple copies of messages.

In looking into it, I've found 1000s of log entries along the following 
lines, all from the past 5 days or so:

Jan  4 09:23:51 server1 postfix/smtp[1462]: 3BA39CC094: lost connection 
with[] while sending end of data -- 
message may be sent more than once

It's not one of their standard anti-spam errors, and mail is arriving 
(multiple copies no less) - so it doesn't look like this is intentional 

So... I'm wondering if  anybody else is seeing this, and if anybody has 
a postmaster contact at yahoo (postmaster at, of course, 
auto-replies with a pointer to a useless web form).


Miles Fidelman

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice, there is.   .... Yogi Berra

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