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>> I'm surprised nobody's mentioned or the new fork of VyOs.  We
>> are currently using the vyatta community edition and so far it's been good
>> to to us.  It depends on your hardware and how small of an ISP you are but
>> it might be a great open source fit for you.
> The orig. author has potentially set course for a world of hurt --  if the
> plan is to scrap robust packaged highly-validated gear having separate
> hardware forwarding planes and ASIC-driven filtering,  to stick cheap x86
> servers in the SP core and internet borders.
> Sure... anyone can install Vyatta on a x86 server,   but  assembly of all
> the pieces and full validation for a resilient platform comparable to
> carrier grade gear, for a mission critical network,  should be a bit more
> involved than that.
> Next up....   how to build your own  10-Gigabit  SFPs to avoid paying for
> expensive brand-name SFPs,  by putting together some chips,  wires,  fiber,
> and tying it all together with a piece of duck tape....
> just saying... :)

	That does seem a bit harsh given there are numerous examples of companies out there successfully putting together and deploying their own switches/routers in production. It may require significant resources and not be for the faint of heart, but from what I've seen, its far from a bailing wire and bubblegum operation.


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