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Mikrotik really relies on its list of consultants and trainers, these are all outside companies, yes such as mine, that provide the higher class of "support" than MikroTik own e-mail. .  While their e-mail does have a lack of responsiveness, I was told the volume that they do get form other parts of the world, not saying that's an excuse, but it is what it is.

Many people in the WISP and smaller ISP markets rely on these consulting companies to not only help them with MikroTik but other hardware/software and business decisions, LTI (yes the company I work for) has more certified trainers and engineers for MikroTik than any other in North America, but there is a list from MikroTik that lists certified consultants available as well.

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> 	The biggest problem with Mikrotik is you just can¹t call them up for 
> support on buggy code. In a critical network this can be a major problem.

I've contacted them (via email) and the experience seems to be exactly the same as dealing with first level TAC at the big guys: the guy you contact doesn't care much about your problem once he realizes that it's a legitimate issue with their stuff and not simply a case of pilot error for which he can refer you to the documentation, and eventually you give up and develop a workaround, such as it is.


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