Managing IOS Configuration Snippets

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> Putting aside the fact that snippets aren’t a good way to conceptualize deployed router code, my gut still tells me to question the question here.

What I have always wanted is a way to group configuration, in particular by customer.  Ideally with the ability to see it both as a unified view, and also as a per-customer view.

For instance:

customer AAAAA
  interface GigabitEthernet1/2/3.10
    description AAAAA
    ip address
  router bgp 1
    neighbor prefix-list AAAAA-in in
  ip prefix-list AAAAA-in

customer BBBBB
  interface GigabitEthernet1/2/3.11
    description BBBBB
    ip address
  router bgp 1
    neighbor prefix-list BBBBB-in in
  ip prefix-list BBBBB-in

Then I should be able to do:

show run - Normal output like we see today, the "device" view.
customer AAAAA show run - Same format as I have above, just config relevant to customer AAAAA.

I can even see extending the tag to work with some other commands:

customer AAAAA show int
customer AAAAA show bgp ipv4 uni sum
customer AAAAA show ip prefix-list

The same functionality would work for snippets:

customer ntp-servers-v1.0
 ntp server
 ntp server
 ntp server

Basically this follows the two modes in which engineers look at a device.  Most of the time is configuring a specific customer, and wanting to be sure they are configured right; including the hard case of "no customer AAAAA", that is making sure all configuration for a specific customer is removed.  The rest of the time is typically troubleshooting a network level problem where you want the device view we have today, I see interface Gig1/2/3 is dropping packets, "show run" to see who's configure on it sort of operations.

I don't know of any platform that has implemented this sort of config framework though.

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