Verizon FIOS IPv6?

Justin M. Streiner streiner at
Fri Feb 28 01:03:35 UTC 2014

On Thu, 27 Feb 2014, Tristan Lear wrote:

> We have a business-class FIOS connection where I work and a static 
> IP as well. At least three people who work here have FIOS at home. 
> I've read rumors about business class customers who really work their 
> phone sex getting native ipv6, and I also heard somethin about static 
> ip's. So I'll try that, and also mention that "we're transitioning our 
> employees who remote in from home to FIOS but we'd like ipv6 for 
> ... VPN purposes, NAT traversal, etc ..." I mean, that should get them 
> a little wet right?

Not likely.  Verizon is a very expensive date, so you *really* have to 
open the wallet to make that kind of impression, and by that point, you're 
working with VZ Enterprise, which is what used to be UUNET, where v6 is 
easy to get, so the point ends up being moot.

> I have a bit of a hairbrained theory that the reason ISP's have 
> stagnated on ipv6 has to do with relationship between capitalism and 
> scarcity. Having a limited quantity of anything makes it more valuable. 
> Why wouldn't that apply to IP's?

I doubt it's anything quite so nefarious, though VZ trying to figure out 
how to monetize their IPv6 rollout is certainly a possibility.

I've heard all sorts of BS answers as to why there is no v6 for FIOS, such 
1. "We're having problems getting it to work on our set-top boxes."  So 
go dual-stack and let the set-top boxes stay v4 until the problem gets 
worked out.  VZ has already stated that dual-stack is the way thry're 
going to do it.
2. "We have plenty of IPv4 space."  Perhaps today, yes, but that misses 
the point entirely.


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