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On 2/21/14, 12:27 PM, Randy Carpenter wrote:
> OpenGear's newer stuff is Gigabit (SFP even).
> I've not seen any real switch made in the last decade that has a problem with 100Mb/s connections. Ancient cisco, maybe had issues.

there are a substantial number of 10Gb/s switch that cannot do tri-rate
on copper sfps.

in previous $job oob--ilo-ports doing WOL/ and cdu(s) were the annoying
100Mbs/s only devices. terminal servers (all advocent in this case) made
the jump aleady.

> thanks,
> -Randy
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>> We're really pleased with the Perle IOLAN line. They even have a gigabit
>> port without a $10k price tag. Amazing!
>> It really dumbfounds me why so many vendors are still putting 10/100
>> Ethernet ports on their OOB management (looking at you OpenGear).
>> Especially a PITA today since many switchports today don't support links
>> speeds less than a gigabit.
>> -richard
>> On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 2:39 PM, Hank Disuko <gourmetcisco at hotmail.com>wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> I wonder if anyone has good experiences to share with out-of-band hardware?
>>> I'm looking for a good OOB hardware vendor.  I need to manage my
>>> routers/switches/firewalls in a datacenter located overseas, and I'm
>>> looking to setup a good serial console server via an OOB link.
>>> I've been looking at Lantronix, OpenGear, Raritan...but they all seem to
>>> have the same basic features.  I'm having trouble really differentiating
>>> them.
>>> I'm interested in analog modem, cellular options for my OOB link.  Or even
>>> a secondary internet circuit either wired or wifi if the DC has that option
>>> available.
>>> Any good suggestions or experiences with a current OOB solution out there?
>>>  What are you doing for your OOB management?
>>> thanks,Hank

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