NetSol AAAA glue

Brandon Applegate brandon at
Sat Feb 22 01:01:06 UTC 2014

If anyone with ability to fix this is reading this - contact me offlist 
and I'll owe you...

I'm trying to change an AAAA host (name server) address.

I've been emailing ipv6req at back and forth for several 
days.  After fighting through 'authentication' (which btw I *didn't* do 
several years ago to get the AAAA added) they say they have 'completed' 
it.  a.gtld for example still has the old AAAA.  I've just got a gut 
feeling that they don't understand what I'm asking.  I'm actually getting 
a bit scared they are going to break my domain.

Aside from someone at netsol seeing this - does anyone have any advice 
other than get off netsol (which I'm considering).


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