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Thu Feb 20 20:05:55 UTC 2014

On Feb 21, 2014, at 2:51 AM, John <jw at nuclearfallout.net> wrote:

> I know how much Gibson is hated in some circles,

He isn't/wasn't part of the operational community.  

It sure looks like you're right, he coined it then - as a marketing term, for marketing himself, heh.  Maybe that's one of the reasons it's so disliked.


> I read that in 2002, did other research about it in 2002, saw reflected attacks in 2002.

I saw reflected/amplified attacks in 2002, too, and that's what I called them.  So did everyone else I worked with to mitigate them, heh.

And I'm really going to shut up about this, now.

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