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On Feb 19, 2014, at 10:46 PM, Jay Ashworth <jra at baylink.com> wrote:

> Why bother with a clustering FS, then, if you cannot actually /use it/ as one?
> - jra
> On February 19, 2014 10:44:22 PM EST, Jimmy Hess <mysidia at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 2:06 PM, Jay Ashworth <jra at baylink.com> wrote:
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>>>> From: "Eugeniu Patrascu" <eugen at imacandi.net>
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>>> My understanding of "cluster-aware filesystem" was "can be mounted at
>> the
>>> physical block level by multiple operating system instances with
>> complete
>>> safety".  That seems to conflict with what you suggest, Eugeniu; am I
>>> missing something (as I often do)?
>> When one of the hosts has a virtual disk file open for write access on
>> a
>> VMFS cluster-aware filesystem,    it is locked to that particular host,
>> and  a process on a different host is denied the ability write to the
>> file,   or even open the file for read access.

Ghods how I miss real tightly coupled clustering, shared hierarchical storage and true clustered filesystems like in VMS. Here’s a 35 year old OS that still is better than anything we have today. Secure, granular prigs, file versioning, multiple simultaneous cluster interconnect physical layers, POSIX compliance, heavy distributed networking and strong system services built in. When people tell me about clustering today and then add these caveats about how clustered files aren’t actually sharable or that you can’t have complete orthogonality. 

I guess I’m now old. 



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