VMware Training

Phil Gardner phil.gardnerjr at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 18:14:43 UTC 2014

Not sure if this list is the best place, but it is probably the only 
list that I'm on that won't give me a bunch of grief about the chosen 

I looked at VMware's site, and there are a ton of options. I'm wondering 
if anyone has some basic suggestions or experiences.

I'm a Linux admin by trade (RH based), with "ok" networking ability. I'm 
sufficiently versed in deploying scripted ESXi (including 5.x) 
installations for a specific environment, including vswitches/SAN config 
(but only with NFS datastores backed by a NetApp, unfortunately, no 
blockbased stores).

I'd like to get experience deploying VCenter clusters, down to DRS/HA 
config, other block based storage, and anything else a large environment 

Thoughts or experiences?

Phil Gardner
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