Larry Sheldon LarrySheldon at
Wed Feb 19 03:10:59 UTC 2014

On 2/18/2014 8:42 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
>> They are smart and dkim sign their messages; even though it's invalid I
>> believe that's why it has such a low bayes score.
> lots of the spam getting through has no dkim
>> It's getting marked as ham and not spam. Are you positive your
>> definitions are still updating?
> sa-update has run.  and it runs cleanly
> randy
 From a posting on NANAE:

> On 2/18/2014 6:09 PM, Larry Sheldon wrote:
>> Received: from [] (
> Larry, is IContact aka Vocus.  I don't know whether the
> managers of Vocus are as whitehat as those of IContact were before the
> buyout, but Andrew Barrett was still in charge of abuse/deliverability
> when I last checked and he *does* respond quickly and effectively to
> spam complaints.  Try sending this to abuse at

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Ex turpi causa non oritur actio      Infallibility, and the ability to
                                         learn from their mistakes.
                                           (Adapted from Stephen Pinker)

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