"Everyone should be deploying BCP 38! Wait, they are ...."

Dave Bell me at geordish.org
Tue Feb 18 18:31:29 UTC 2014

That article is terrible.

Looking at the stats provided, only 2582 unique AS's were tested.
http://www.cidr-report.org/as2.0/#General_Status has over 46k AS's
currently in the routing table.

This means they have tested around 5% of the AS's on the Internet.


On 18 February 2014 17:20, Jay Ashworth <jra at baylink.com> wrote:

> Here's a piece which uses the MIT ANA data to assert that the job is
> mostly done already.
> Unless I'm very much mistaken, it appears that a large percentage of the
> failed BCP 38 spoofing tests listed in that data are actually due to
> customer side NAT routers dropping packets...
> which is of course egress filtering rather than ingress filtering, and
> thus doesn't actually apply to our questions.
> Am I interpreting that correctly?
> http://www.senki.org/everyone-should-be-deploying-bcp-38-wait-they-are/
> (Oh, and bcp38.info is now the number 2 Ghit for "bcp38"; thanks to 5 new
> contributors for signing up to help so far this week.)
> Cheers,
> - jra
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